Time Keepers:

The Rise of Time

Coming Soon!

The First book in the Time Keepers series. Thrilling and action packed, The Rise of Time is sure to keep your interest from beggining to end.

Time Keepers:

The Fall of Time

Coming Soon!

Can't get enough of the Time Keepers? The second installment in this series will certainly fulfill you. With even more action than the first, the second will take you deeper into the heart of the UWO and will answer some tough questions about the Time Keepers.

James Cutlass

And the Pirate King

Pirates. Those notorious scum of the sea. Those men who make a living defiling other's majestic ships. Robbing the rich and poor alike. Having no mercy. And taking no prisoners.

Does a life at sea
Interest young thee?
Then I'll tell you the way to go

Merchants too kind
The navy be blind
With Pirates is where ye belong

It be the best way
But just know you'll stay
It's a life ye shan't e'er leave!